INVERNA is a publication created by the Brazilian graphic novelist Paula Mastroberti that aims to promote artwork made by Brazilian female artists. The first issue of the magazine will be made possible by crowdfunding with Catarse in November 9, and it is expected to be launched in 2016 June, in both Portuguese and English, under the imprint PrincessF1.

More than a magazine, INVERNA is becoming a cultural movement that, through its social media channels, discusses the place of women in the comic industry and in comic narrative.

Recently, INVERNA has been growing internationally. In 2013, with the partnership of the Canadian publication Wave Magazine, it was responsible for creating the comic strip contest Defrosting Women.



Project Creator

Paula Mastroberti (Porto Alegre, Brazil) is an awarded cartoonist, illustrator, and writer. She is also Doctor in Literature by PUCRS, and professor at the Institute of Arts at Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul. Her most recent project, Osmose, was featured at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2013.

Managing Editor 

Daniela Beleze Karasawa (Campinas, Brazil) is a content producer, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts from Universidade de São Paulo, and a student of Mechanical Engineering. She is the creator of PrincessF1, a website dedicated to the automobile industry.

Editorial Board Member

Thais Gualberto (João Pessoa, Brazil) is a well-known cartoonist and illustrator, majoring in Art and Media at Universidade Federal de Campina Grande and Comics Coordinator at Fundação Espaço Cultural da Paraíba. She is also one of the creators of the comic magazine Sanitário by Coletivo WC, a publication that promotes the indie comic art made in the state of Paraíba.



If you would like to help us promote INVERNA internationally, or just say “hello”, we would love to hear from you. Please, email us at invernahq@gmail.com.



We are proud of our Internet community and would be delighted to see you be a part of it. So don’t be shy: join us on Twitter and Facebook and send us a “hello”, an original piece of your comic work or help us to create topics to discuss online.


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